Chevrotain, the little living fossil

Chevrotain is a tiny mysterious creature which is also known as mouse deer. These shy animals have a round body, spindly legs, and long fangs. The fangs are especially elongated in males and they use these needle-like canines to stab each other. However, they have an extra thick coat and robust muscles around their neck and rump, which protect them from bites during combats. Also, some consider chevrotains as living fossils. Chevrotains are the most primitive of ruminants. Like deer and similar

Australia’s Nimbin village is a hippie haven

Nimbin may be known for being a centre for alternative lifestyle and home of the hippies, it used to be a typical dairy village once upon a time. The village situated in north of New South Wales, is an hour’s drive from Byron Bay in Australia. What turned around the identity of village was the Aquarius Festival started in 1973. The festival brought new settlers (who happened to be hippies) who set up environmentally-friendly businesses, cottage arts and crafts. Now, this village is a pretty

Easterine Kire is an author of different genres

Easterine kire, a popular and successful writer from Nagaland, who was in the city to participate in the Hyderabad Literary Festival 2018, shares everything from how she doesn’t want to stick to any particular genre to her interest in jazz music. When did you realise you wanted to be a writer? I started writing poems when I was 16 — that is when I was in high school. Later, in university, I started writing short stories. So, I always loved writing. You didn’t stick to single genre, why? I do

Telangana police get high on tech

Telangana Police Department continues to impress the public by adopting “smart” techniques to serve their responsibilities. Gone are the days when people dreaded to even pass by a police station, and avoided involving in any activity which calls for an interaction with cops. Police officers are not all about serious faces and bad temper. Within the four walls of the police stations are seated cops with a warm smile, intellectual personality, incredible sense of humour and amazing tech savviness

Rock the walk for a cause

Rocks are one of the most crucial constituents of the environment. And not all landscapes are blessed with these natural beauties. But, did you know that our city is famous for its rock formations? Hyderabad – the city of rocks! Deccan Plateau is made up of Basalt and granite rocks. A few particular rocks sites in the city are around 2,500 million years old. Unfortunately, however, as the need for accommodation supersedes all the other factors, the majestic rock formations slowly started vanish

Culture that made the world all rainbows and unicorns

Who should we thank for this unicorn madness! Nicki Minaj, Starbucks, or Superwoman (Lilly Singh)? Well, whoever it is, we are not complaining. While the mythical creature has always been special, it, trending and soon escalating to becoming a culture sure made the world all rainbows and unicorns. Today, unicorn is the morning coffee mug, the bedroom wallpaper, pillow cover, cupcake, onesie, slime… everything. That’s right! It is not “in” everything… unicorn “is” everything. Surprisingly, it’s

Revival of city’s garden bequest

Confined within the four walls and yet ending up having a super productive day – that’s the trait of modern lifestyle. As cooped up in the tiny cubicles as we’re, it is important to listen to our muscles’ desire and stretch our legs. Thanks to Telangana government, our city is poised to become the next green sanctuary. With initiatives like Telangana ku Haritha Haram, the government is consistently working towards creating more lung spaces for the citizens. And on that note, parks are also rega

Enhancing the green quotient

Dhruvansh is a non-profit organisation that works towards spreading awareness on environmental issues like global warming, renewable energy resources, plantations, and restoration of lakes. So far, Dhruvansh has conducted 72 campaigns to protect environment and reduce pollution. The organisation has been associated with various projects like ‘GHMC for Trees Translocation’, ‘Garbage to Garden’ conducted by Manikonda Gram Panchayat, Telangana Pollution Control board, and more. As an acknowledgmen

Save the mighty Banyan trees

Hyderabad is the fourth most populous city in the country. And this city is home to 68 lakh people i.e., 18,480 people per square kilometre. And we, the people, have needs. We need water, electricity, houses, and wide roads. Because denizens tend to spend considerable amount of time commuting, wide roads have become a need. While government is all for the development, it is wedged between rock and a hard place when it comes to dealing with trees that come in the way of a road plan. It is in one


Entrepreneurship is about identifying a problem and coming up with solutions. And if you are somebody who can do both, then viola! You are an entrepreneur! And no it doesn’t matter if you are 13 years old or 30 years old. If you are a parent who thinks your child is too young into entrepreneurship or if you are a student who wants to get into entrepreneurship but taking a step back because of your age, this article is for you. Here, I tell you why age is just a number when it comes to entreprene


“Atmanirbhar Bharat is a call to nurture entrepreneurship” - M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India. Many experts believe in the above statement and so does Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis as an organization has always believed in self-reliance - How students could be independent? How can we make sure they have their own voice? How does skill development dominate academic report scores? The future is heading towards a disruptive era that requires our students to improve certain skills. This di


Zahra was nine-years-old when she wrote her first poem. She is 11-years-old now and she already published her first book, successfully. And that’s not the only thing that makes this book special - An Anthology From A Poet’s Desk is a collection of poems written by mother-daughter duo, Zahra Anwar and Alifya Basrai. “A year after I started my journey as a poet, my mother started writing poems as well. We have decided to publish our poems together once we had enough content to go ahead,” says Zahr

Students, let this quarantine scream productivity!

Schools are shut down, your favorite mall is closed, sports venues are off-limits and movie theatres are just a big no-no. This is the time you (students) wish you could rather go to school. Before this boredom escalates to full-blown madness, remember it’s not a house arrest, it’s quarantine. There is a huge difference. There are a zillion things you could do to keep yourself occupied. We have a few ideas for you. Check it out: Pick up those books that you always wanted to read but couldn’t

Bollywood says #LetLoveBe

Langh jaani ve, marjaani raat, Kehni jo thi, keh de woh baat… this is that one verse from the latest title track of Ek Ladki ko Dekha toh Aisa Laga which is being played in loop in the minds of all those who watched the trailer of the coming-of-age movie. While the charm of Rajkummar Rao, the elegance of Anil Kapoor, the ever-so-chirpy Juhi Chawla, and, of course, the beautiful Sonam Kapoor have played their role well in making us watch the trailer many times, we have actually watched it more t

Dolor explores the complex subject of death

Actor, filmmaker, author, comedian, and one of the best (if not ‘the’ best) content providers on YouTube that’s Anna Akana for you. This woman is pure talent and this isn’t any prejudiced opinion, she is indeed an inspirational figure. Right from dealing with her sister’s suicide, mustering up the courage to talk about it in front of the whole world, being a vocal advocate for suicide prevention and throwing light on mental illnesses being one of the many things she been vocal about. Coming out

Many shades of gray

“Don’t live with borrowed knowledge. Find your own path or rather create your path. It’s better to function with a smaller wisdom than with a borrowed knowledge.” – these pearls of wisdom come from Rafique Syed. As a photographer for over two decades, Rafique’s work have been recognised and lauded, especially for his black and white themed pictures. He was in the city for his exhibition ‘As I see it’ and took some time out to speak to Tabloid Today. Digitalisation is something that has changed
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